case/4/0 der strukturierte Klassiker

Structured System Analysis and System Design,
Relational Database Design
and Data Warehouse Modeling.

case/4/0 is the classic tool for structured system analysis and system design, relational database design and data warehouse modeling. So it supports professional and structured modeling of features, data or system behaviour.

System Analysis and System Design

With case/4/0 you

  • Model system functions, system data and system behavior.
  • Generate code script-based, for processing and access modules as well as for database definitions for relational databases in COBOL, C/C++, Visual Basic and Java.
  • Adopt existing systems and databases through Reverse Engineering.
  • Create database schemas for ORACLE, DB2, SQL-Server.
  • Keep models, code and documentation in sync.
  • Generate user-specific reports and evaluations.

Take a systematic approach to code.

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Andreas M. Wieck

“The associations I have with microTOOL are of immediate solutions to problems, innovative approaches and always a sympathetic ear for their customers.”

Andreas M. WieckSoftware Engineer, MATERNA GmbH Information & Communications
Prof. Dr. Martin Griebl

“In order to breathe life into a potentially dull subject like methodology, it is of particular importance to provide hands-on examples and adequate tool support. case/4/0 is the perfect tool to illuminate the individual fields of systems engineering and to continually develop and expand sample projects during a school term. This way, students are able to connect the dots between the models effortlessly.”

Prof. Dr. Martin GrieblHead of Electronic Data Processing, IT schools of the district of Deggendorf


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