Requirements Engineering for
Software and Systems

Requirements Engineering is more than just collecting requirements. It is working on a shared vision, with goals and ideas. If you work as a Requirements Engineer, System Architect, Business Analyst or Developer, objectiF RM simply offers the best features for effective teams. So you analyze, visualize and document requirements easily.

The Basis for Fascination: Requirements.

Requirements with objectiF RM

Managing requirements effectively is a key factor for project success, and a structured approach to requirements elicitation is the best way to start a project. Ideally with forms enabling you to include descriptions, acceptance criteria, test cases, ID, type, weighting, risks and scheduling information. With objectiF RM you integrate all possible views of your system in your requirements management and find excitement factors, turning high-quality requirements into high-quality products and stakeholders into happy stakeholders.

Mastering Complexity: Diagrams.

In software and systems development it is not always easy to elicit requirements completely and to understand the interrelations between them. Stakeholders, goals, the system architecture, boundary conditions, changes, the system context, risks – there are a lot of aspects to include. objectiF RM is the perfect way to detail your system by using diagrams. With objectiF RM you guarantee simple and effective communication about requirements and your stakeholders will be pleased.

Diagrams with objectiF RM

Enabling Transparency: Traceability.

Traceability with objectiF RM

Stakeholders have goals, and these goals yield requirements, as does the system context. And the system architecture. Requirements need to be tested. Also, thee may be certain risks. How do you keep an overview and create transparency in your requirements management? With the Requirements Engineering tool objectiF RM you develop and manage all possible relationships of your requirements, for example to test cases. You benefit from integrated traceability for easy retracing and navigation.

Sharing Results: Documentation.

With objectiF RM you document your project in all detail, provide your team with results and share these results simply and easily. You lay the foundation for great products. You generate all necessary documents as Word files, including diagrams, texts and queries, as well as derivations, risks and test cases. And you export your analyses from requirements management into Excel sheets, quickly and easily, with customizable document templates.

Documentation with objectiF RM

Requirements Engineering for Software and Systems.Unbeatable prices.

objectiF RM is a client-server tool. All information and results are administered in a central database by the objectiF RM server. You require an objectiF RM concurrent user license and an additional server license. With three concurrent user licenses you can install objectiF RM on all your workstations. Then it can be used simultaneously on three workstations in your network or via the internet.

ProductList price per license*
objectiF RM490,00 €
Additional required server licenseList price per License*
objectiF RM Server Small (for up to tensimultaneous users)1.190,00 €
objectiF RM Server Medium (for up to 25 simultaneous users)4.490,00 €
objectiF RM Server Large (from 26 simultaneous users)6.990,00 €

*All prices exclude value added taxes.

What’s the difference between objectiF RM and objectiF RPM?

Simply put, objectiF RM is objectiF RPM’s little brother. objectiF RM allows you to elicit requirements, visualize interdependencies in UML and SysML diagrams and create comprehensive documentations of your requirements engineering at the click of a mouse. objectiF RM is the perfect way to optimize requirements engineering of your software and systems development projects.

objectiF RPM lets you go one step further. You elicit, record, manage and visualize requirements. You then make this knowledge about your requirements and the interdependencies the basis of your product development. You plan requirements-based, use backlogs, distribute user stories among teams, run sprints and produce releases. And you work completely traceable from stakeholder goals to stories realized, for instant and detailed overview of your project’s progress. objectiF RPM is the powerful combination of Requirements Engineering and Agile Development.

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