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Requirements Engineering
for Software and Systems

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The Basis for Perfection: Requirements.

Requirements are good. Good requirements are better.

With the objectiF RM you describe your requirements and all related test cases consistently and form-based. ID, type and full description included. You gather additional relevant information such as weight, acceptance criteria, test cases, risks and planning details, simply and easily. What’s more, you develop your requirements, making your high-grade requirements the basis for high-grade products. In full accordance with your stakehholders. No inconsistencies. Traceable and complete. >> Read more

Mastering Complexity: Diagrams.

Refine architectures

Develop and refine your system architecture simply and easily, with graphical representations of your system. For stable architectures, for high-end products. Identify relationships and keep track of your project. Record conflicts between goals and eliminate them. Establish simple and effective communication about your requirements – and make your stakeholders happy. >> Read more

Enabling Transparency. Traceability.

Flexible evaluation of all results including information on states from dynamic queries provide you with up-to-date project data at any time. Minimize your work load with document templates and document all results quickly and easily. Full traceability included: The product history is updated automatically, securely versioned and traceable. >> Read more

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