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  • Scrum Edition

    Transparency. Safety. Traceability.
    In all your agile projects.

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in-Step creates transparency, security, and traceability for all your agile projects.

Simple rules, minimal roles, solid rituals, defined artefacts, clear priorities and self-organizing teams, plus ideal reoprting capabilities.
in-Step is the perfect Scrum solution for your agile projects.

in-Step Scrum Edition enables all project members to efficiently and productively contribute to the project. in-Step facilitates communication and collaboration within your local or distributed team.


in-Step Scrum Edition

Planning is an intensely communicative process. The in-Step Scrum Edition allows you to record everything decided in a planning meeting, clearly structured, traceable and most importantly "live".

With in-Step Scrum Edition you create backlog items as stories - quickly, easily and with a uniform structure. For each sprint, tasks are derived from stories and automatically pinned to the virtual task board, where they can be edited directly.

Burndown charts for the ongoing sprint or the current release give you an immediate and detailed overview of the project status. Available as line or bar diagram, they optionally include information about remaining workload, current workload, as well as a prognosis for further development. Velocity charts provide a precise estimation of workloads.

With in-Step Scrum Edition, local or distributed Scrum teams have everything they need for agile projects.
From prioritized product backlogs to velocity charts.

in-Step Scrum Edition provides

  • prioritized product and sprint backlogs for transparent and traceable management of your backlog items,
  • templates for stories and tasks, easily adjustable to match your specific method of operation,
  • functionality for planning of releases and sprints, for fast and easy planning in your team,
  • a virtual project room featuring a graphic task board as well as sprint and release burndown charts, for successful collaboration,
  • centralized and secure versioning of all project results, for reliable collaboration in local and distributed teams.






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