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Can User Stories be Good Requirements
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Santa Lucia Project Uncertainty
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Project Health Check
Principles of agile business analysis
At a glance: All relationships between the core concepts
Business DNA
Project teams with beavers, bears and eagles
Im Flug zur Marke ICH
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Requirements workshops - determine requirements together
Once upon a time there was a project plan, but then something unpredictable happened
Gather requirements with field observation
Perfect feature reviews - whenever you find the time.
Fact controlled management - react quickly to changes
Find the right team for your projects with profiling
Problems - are they good or bad?
Disruptive Innovation
Work agilely without calling it that
In conversation with Leonhard Limburg
Agile transformation
Agile Coaches
Digital Working World
Generate added value by using a processual structure
Migrating old systems is a real challenge
Danger Zone Project
Improve workplace communication
Flash of inspiration
Documentation with post-it notes does the trick!
Changing the project leader
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Deploying software so that it fails
Correctly exchanging requirements
Eliciting usability requirements using a charrette session
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The foundations of usability requirement
Communication in crisis
You should be careful while driving into fog
PMO or project assistant
The success mindset
IT managers' new way of thinking
Interview with Andreas Zeuch
The glorious four factors required for a successful new professional world
We love innovation
Organisations often have to deal with too many requirements. Perhaps it’s time for a change?
The I in team
Interview with Rainer Wendt
Individuals calling for more individual leadership
Escaping micromanagement
Group communiction
Discussing content and arriving at better conclusions
Flexibility through job sharing
Bumbling towards strategic success
5 Things software developers should learn
Experimental leadership
Project managers or sales staff
Projektmarketing with Videos
Addressing risks in agile projects
Killer questions Sender and Receiver
IT Analysis 2016
Finding your way in projects
Non-violent-communication in projects
using chance to your advantage
Inspections as path towards good specifications
The System Footprint
Patents and Your Competitive Advantage
Step by step and level by level
The real reasons behind conflicts are deep below the surface
at eye level with the alpha male
lego no game
Clear steps. Clear rules. High pace.
Patterns in nature
The Internet of Things – Hype or Business Opportunity
Clemens Schmidt
All Power to Nobody
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projects need a business case
sherlock holmes as project manager
effective compliance measures
design thinking more than another method
trust as essential ingredient
Ineffective Collaboration
The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek
How to Streamline Your Project Documentation
project management software comparison
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Intuition in Project Management
Understanding different points of view
project management with attitude
When personas meet use case 2.0
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Workflow - A combination of processor, activities, products and states
no more project loners
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Reaching goals
Key Factors in Software Introduction Processes
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Taking An Agile Approach With Use Cases
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