Get to know how to handle methods and tools with case/4/0.


case/4/0 – User Manual

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Pages: 85
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Get to know how to handle methods and tools with case/4/0.

case/4/0 is a tool for developing and modernizing structured software systems. Based on arepository with a relational structure, case/4/0 combines proven methods with innovativefunctions.

case/4/0 integrates:

  • graphical methods for system analysis and software design, with
  • PC-supported tools for creating method-defined results, from idea, domain specification, andverification of the system’s dynamic behavior, through software architecture design—includinguser interface design—all the way to implemented source code.

You also want…? Based on its open architecture you can use your own add-ins, and theprograms integrated script language, to expand case/4/0’s application spectrum to suit yourproject’s requirements at any time.

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