Introducing Software? It’s Best Done Lean

Introducing Software? It’s Best Done Lean

Agile methods and lean management are not only suitable for product development. Have you ever introduced software iteratively?
Videokonferenz-Etikette - für ein gutes Miteinander

Video Conferencing Etiquette – for good cooperation

What rules should you apply in video conferences? Which mistakes can be easily avoided? Read our blog on video conferencing etiquette to find out.

Becoming a Certified SAFe® Program Consultant – Online

Axel Höner reports on his acquisition of the title: Certified SAFe® 5 Program Consultant (SPC) and describes an all-round positive online seminar format.
Wir packen unseren Koffer für ein digitales Organisationsmodell

We’re preparing for a digital organizational structure

How does digitalization work? What considerations and organizational structures do you need? Kim Duggen from oose gives us her ideas on the subject.
MIcroservices - the latest architectural approach

Microservices – the latest architectural approach

Microservices are top dog in the field of architecture. Eberhard Wolff introduces this modular concept to us and points out hierarchy, advantages and disadvantages.
Role Mode Canvas Verantwortlichkeiten sauber definieren

Role Model Canvas – Clarify Responsibilities

How do you define roles in your projects? Who is responisble for what and communicates how with whom? Use Christian Botta's Role Model Canvas to clarify that.
Vom Requirements Engineer zum Digital Business Analyst

From requirements engineer to digital business analyst

Business analysts are becoming more and more important through the course of digitization, because they serve as a connection between strategy and technology. Which skills does a digital business analyst need?
Wie sich die IT-Analyse unter ihrem Wert verkauft

How IT analysis undersells itself and why that’s bad for everyone

IT analysts do a lot more than just creating, documenting and managing requirements. They design solutions. Josef Falk explains why this is good for software projects.
don't panic rabbit

Don’t worry, bunny, because irrational fears stop development in its tracks

Are you a coward? Do you sometimes feel like a panicking bunny? Ralf Schmitt explains how to overcome fears and profit by it in your career.
2018 A Forecast

2018 – A Forecast

We take a look at the year ahead as we change our calendar. What lies ahead in 2018 for microTOOL? Events, releases…
Picasso Queen with an Egg

Art meets Easter bunny and the Easter egg

An imaginary journey into art and an homage to the Easter egg. With conceived works by Picasso, van Gogh, Miró, Munch, Gauguin, Haring and Banksy.
Easter still with flowers and eggs

Digital Easter

Digitalization is here - even for Easter. An entertaining experience of draining, dying and painting Easter eggs.
The perfect christmas star

The Perfect Christmas Star

Make the perfect Christmas star yourself! A small do it yourself project with aluminium foil, scissors and a pencil. 45 minutes of fun!
The christmas blues

The Christmas Blues

Do you know the Christmas blues? Too many expectations, wishes and hopes - Christmas can be stressful. A report.

Spot the Easter error

Spot the error this Easter with conceptual artworks by Haring, Mondrian, Johns, Magritte, Marc, Miró and Pollock. Compare two images. 
Cutting out your christmas shapes

Making your own Christmas decorations

Homemade Christmas decorations. A short do-it-yourself guide using silly putty, cookie cutters and an oven. 45 minutes of pure joy!

October 26, 1985 – Back to the Past

October 21, 2015 - the future is here. But how was life in 1985? And how is your knowledge about "Back to the Future"?

Art meets Easter Bunny (again)

Another surreal excursion art history and a homage to works by Rene Magritte, Franz Marc, Paolo Scheggi, Gerhard Richter, Yves Klein, Sabine Wild and more.

How to make your own custom Christmas card

Are you looking for an easy way to make a cute Christmas card? Here it is. And you basically need only a pencil and a sharpener.
microTOOL Farbenlehre

GREEN – RED – BLUE: Three Colours, Three Tools, One Goal: Successful Projects

What are the goals, differences and benefits of in-STEP BLUE, objectiF RM and in-STEP RED? Get to know microTOOL's different software options.

Colour by numbers at Easter

Why brings a hare eggs for Easter? Eggs? A bunny? There must be something wrong! Colour by numbers at Easter.

Art meets Easter Bunny

A surreal excursion to an art history and a homage to the Easter bunny. With Haring, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Hirst, Mondrian, Miró, Kandinsky and Johns.