Colour by numbers at Easter

So why is it the hare that bring eggs at Easter? Biology class at school was a long time ago, and I probaply didn’t pay attention all the time anyways. But what does a hare have to do with eggs? Eggs? A hare? Something’s not right! And by the way, what do all the other animals have to say about a hare hiding eggs?

Maybe there was a race and the victor’s reward was being allowed to bring presents at Easter?



But then, would the hare have won this race?


Other animals have their own point of view.



But can this really be discussed?


Plus you also need a cool head for discussions.


Then again, other animals might not take a neutral stance.


Some graciously offer their help.


There are also pachyderms that would love some action on Easter.


Even if each animal has its own point of view the question why the hare hides eggs at Easter remains unanswered.


No matter which animal brings your Easter eggs we wish you a Happy Easter and a sunny spring and hope you enjoy our coloring by numbers with your loved ones.


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