How to make your own custom Christmas card

A great year is nearing its end and Christmas is just around the corner.  It was a busy year, so slowing down things is the best you can do to gear yourself up for the challenges ahead. For us there is one last project on the agenda before coming back to endless lines of code, new features and tool customization in 2015, and you can join us. The only things you need to complete this project are a pencil, a sharpener, two colored pencils (red and black) and an A4 carton. Next up: How to make your own custom Christmas card!

Have you ever heard of Ruth Jackson¹? If not, visiting Somerset House² on your next trip to London might be a nice idea. There you will find not only an amazing building and numerous art exhibitions but also a little book store where you can buy postcards by Ruth Jackson. These postcards are the cutest thing ever to be seen. They are not the next big thing but pure simplicity. Ruth Jackson uses pencil shavings as elements in her postcard creations. For our own Christmas card we will make use of this sweet idea.

Shavings, chips, chipping.

Shavings, chips, chipping

Catching the desired pencil shaving might be difficult for beginners, so experimenting with a selection of different pencils and sharpeners is a good idea.

Tools of the trade.

Tools of the trade

Once you are pleased with the result just take one of the colored pencils and draw a Santa Claus. Wait, that’s it? But I can’t draw! you might say, and that’s ok. But that’s actually the point. A self-made card is a thousand times more impressive than any other card you just bought at a store. Except of course you buy one of Ruth Jackson’s cards.


Your own custom Christmas card. How’s that for a relaxing time and awesome present?

That’s it. Project completed. We say a big “Hohoho” and wish you a Merry Christmas, a wonderful time among your loved ones and friends and of course a great 2015!


[1] Find more information on Ruth Jackson at

[2] Information on Somerset House can be found at

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