GREEN – RED – BLUE: Three Colours, Three Tools, One Goal: Successful Projects

Why does a project not perform as expected or even fail?

Very often the reasons are unclear goals, a creeping extension of the scope, lack of quality with regard to requirements and missing traceability. In addition, the extremely dynamic nature of requirements is difficult to deal with in many companies. Conventional project planning and management approaches fail at responding appropriately.

In other cases, standards, process models and requirements concerning compliance pose great challenges to project management as well as to individual teams.

Whatever your approach is to ensure that your project is carried out according to your planning efforts, objectiF RM, in-STEP RED and in-STEP BLUE are ideal tools. But which one is for you? Let’s find out right now. Let’s break the colour code!

Green: objectiF RM – Clear Goals, Defined Scope, Better Requirements

Requirements Engineers are of key importance in projects: The quality of requirements lays the groundwork for project success. In contrast to this, their working environment often does not reflect a professional approach, with no common database and a mixture of software tools not intended for use in requirements engineering, making it difficult to manage references between artefacts and to document requirements consistently and traceable.

objectiF RM is a common working environment for IREB compliant, professional Requirements Engineering. This includes:

  • Text-based as well as UML/SysML compliant graphical means of documentation for system demarcation, goal and stakeholder analysis, requirements elicitation and solution development,
  • centralized management of results with integrated versioning,
  • customizable queries, reports, document generation for transparency and traceability of your results.

Red: in-STEP RED – Planning Better With Better Requirements

Many project managers know this: In projects not everything goes according to plan. The most common reasons are new or constantly changing goals and requirements. Knowledge about requirements necessary to react appropriately is available. What is missing is the right project management environment.

in-STEP RED offers project managers and requirements engineering experts a powerful, integrated working environment.

  • Specific features for an agile, requirements-based approach to projects, releases and iterations,
  • proven functions for activity planning, e.g. Gantt charts
  • evaluations and reports for controlling, e.g. staff utilization and customizable queries.

Blue: in-STEP BLUE – A Common Approach

Project and Multiproject Management, Requirements Management, Change Management, Quality Management, Test Management, Risk Management and Document Management. There are many aspects and roles to a project. Finding a common approach is difficult if every project member uses a different tools, organizes data differently and interfaces are scarce. In a working environment like that, having an overview of your tasks is next to impossible. Implementing a specific process model is not enough, especially if compliance requirements come into play.

in-STEP BLUE offers effective, integrated support for process models, enabling you to meet all your compliance requirements. This includes:

  • Functionality for process-based project management, e.g V-Modell XT, PRINCE2 and SPICE as well as for resource management, requirements management, testing and workflow definition,
  • centralized and revision-secure management of documents and project results,
  • information on states for project managers as well as to-do lists for all project members.

Each of these powerful tools have one thing in common: They are designed to improve team communication and to reduce the complexity that is inherent to all projects.

What makes a successful Project Management process? How do I find the right business process? Which methods are useful? Ursula Meseberg is a graduate mathematician and co-founder of microTOOL. She is fascinated with current trends and has made a name for herself as an author of professional articles.

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