Sales Engineer at microTOOL

Many businesses and organisations are experiencing fundamental changes due to digitalisation. These changes affect business models, processes and products. IT always has to react quicker with solutions. To support this IT, we develop software for application lifecycle management and important sections like requirements engineering and project management. With our over thirty years’ experience, we are one of the leading providers of this type of software on the German speaking market.

ALM software is increasingly classified as critical. This alters the challenges of distribution. There is now an intensive phase of individual methodical and technical training proceeding a successful sale. We need employees who have the competency to create interest and build trust through professional dialogue, and the ability to recognise and use sales opportunities.

To strengthen our team, we are looking for someone to start right away as a

Sales engineer.

Does this idea of a consultation-driven sales fit you? Then we have a very interesting and development-capable task for you. Here are a few aspects of it:

With our ALM software, the goals of a project’s stakeholders are developed into concrete requirements. You help the interested parties to understand the methodical fundamentals of requirements engineering and to then adapt it to their own projects. With the ALM software, project managers have the choice between agile or classic project planning, or a combination of the two. You support the interested parties in finding their way. Our clients value the customisation of the ALM software to their own workflows, the expandability of their own artefact types and the diverse possibilities of sharing and scaling projects. You analyse the usage scenarios of the interested clients and advise them on the adaptation and configuration of the ALM software.

Your tasks

  • Making and expanding contact with those interested in our software.
  • Getting them enthusiastic.
  • Understanding the problems of customers and interested parties and adapting them into requirements with our software.
  • Designing highly valuable and compelling solutions for customers.
  • Recognising the customers’ willingness to take risks and taking it into account when developing solutions.
  • Pursuing sales strategies to the end with achievable subgoals.

What we expect

  • Successfully completed studies of economics, computer science, IT or a comparable skill.
  • Enthusiasm for software, methods, technology and agile development.
  • A positive attitude and a likeable demeanour.
  • Highly orientated towards service and a desire to advise and sell.
  • Willingness to travel nationally and internationally.
  • Good English and good German skills.
  • Personal experience in project management, project development or requirements engineering.

Imagine a team that works together, learns, tries new things, persuades customers, conquers market segments, and has fun all the while. Imagine yourself as a part of that team! Send your application and your salary expectations to our general manager Enrico Fritz.