24th microTOOL user conference in Berlin

On May 14th and 15th, 2014, the 24th microTOOL user conference took place in the Mövenpick Hotel Berlin. A diverse lecture program offered new views, innovative procedures and exciting insights into the theory and practice of requirements engineering and project management.

At the conference, microTOOL GmbH gave insights into the past, present and future of the business and its tools, as well as the practical use of the tools.  The starting point was the “new color theory” at microTOOL, the framework made by, as the center of the microTOOL product portfolio, in-STEP RED, in-STEP BLUE and objectiF RM . The innovations in the upcoming versions of in-STEP RED and objectiF RM were introduced. Amongst other things, both tools will offer complete support for touchscreen service from fall 2014. The challenges and solutions of the microTOOL internal change from in-STEP BLUE to in-STEP RED were introduced, as well as the new features that will be available in the summer 2014 version of in-STEP BLUE. There were also many practical reports from microTOOL customers to experience. Businesses like RENK, TESAT Spacecom, MEN Microelectric or Robert Bosch GmbH showed how microTOOL products are practically implemented. They gave insights into each tool’s infrastructure and showed, with project examples, how business-specific processes can be implemented with the help of tools. Theoretic aspects of requirements engineering and project management will be highlighted as related to the future of personal certification and the concept of business analysis. The “Knowledge Black Market” encouraged an intensive exchange of knowledge and experience, that offered a welcome contrast to conventional lecture forms and was used enthusiastically by the participants.