40 improvements in in-STEP BLUE

Version 5.1.11 of the project management software, in-STEP BLUE, boasts a whopping 40 improvements and error eliminations. The new version offers functions for importing and exporting requirements, for distributing document templates to selected projects, for updating existing templates, as well as for the hiding or revealing of context commands.

in-STEP BLUE is a project management software package that supports you as you work with processes and methods in projects. Beyond just the traditional assistance in planning and controlling appointments and costs, the tool also offers you support on a content level; for example, in dealing with requirements, change requests, tickets, test cases, ideas or risks. With version 5.1.11 a new point of exchange exists in order to exchange requirements among different software solutions. The ReqIF (Requirements Interchange Format) interface – well-known in the motor industry – makes it possible to exchange requirements via the import and export functions and to combine available tools with in-STEP BLUE. Users can apply auto-filters in the new version, watermarks can be added when generating PDF documents and the mail sending options for notifying staff members has been optimized. In addition, the automatic checking-in of documents and forms has been integrated and from now on mandatory fields in forms are inspected during the saving process. The updating of document templates has been simplified, a feature which is in high demand among organizations that have a lot of projects and templates. The possibility of reducing context commands also simplifies the user experience.

The new version is available immediately. A change log with all the changes in in-STEP BLUE version 5.1.11 is available at https://www.microtool.de/en/support/

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