Collaboration in the 21st Century – PM Camp Berlin 2014

The second PM Camp Berlin takes place from June 20-22, 2014 at the Leopold-Ullstein-Schule Berlin. The motto of this year’s event is “Collaboration in the 21st Century”. Both participants and organizers create sessions, hold presentations and impart knowledge in a playful manner. microTOOL will join the event and also supports the PM Camp as sponsor.

The aim of the PM Camp Berlin is to make project management a true and exciting experience. Anyone open enough contribute and to break new ground in project management is welcome.

The PM Camp begins with a kick start workshop providing inspiration and an access point into the following days at the camp. Subsequently, participants will develop their own agenda for the PM Camp and decide on topics for the workshops, discussions, games and presentations. Rather than forcing the participants to regurgitate well-known issues the PM Camp wants to include them and their ideas and needs. The camp is about actively shaping the PM Camp, topics that really matter and that are worthy of discussing in detail – and about a thrilling exchange of knowledge.

Since 2006, this kind of event is becoming more and more popular and is held all around Germany. Cooperation, informality and openness are always the motto. Active participation facilitates the development of ideas and activates exchange of knowledge. Solutions emerge from unusual ideas and can be applied to everyday work. Particularly appealing to participants is the opportunity to decide on topics and discussion themes.

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