in-Step 4.10 Personal Edition – four processes with one download

The Berlin-based firm  microTOOL GmbH has just released a free personal edition of their newly released project management software in-Step. It does not have a time limit and can be used on a work computer for small, local projects to get to know the program. Downloading the version makes four different projects with different processes available to the user. That way the user can not only evaluate the software, but also compare the processes V Model, PRINCE2, Scrum and a best practice process. With the help of information to the theme “What you see here,” and “What you can try out here,” the user can navigate the software.

With the four prepared projects in which the user can follow along, there is a contractor project with V Model XT, a project for implementing standard software with the help of the British management method PRINCE2, an agile development project according to Scrum methodology and a project that doesn’t fit a defined process, but rather to best practices in software development. A path through these examples will be suggested to the user. At each point, they will receive practical tips for how to proceed.

As well as navigating through the projects, there is a further focus on multi-project management and project proposal management. in-Step 4.10 Personal Edition is available right away. Download it for free at:

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