in-STEP BLUE 6.1 released with a new form designer

The Berlin-based software firm microTOOL has released version 6.1 of their project management software in-STEP BLUE. Businesses use in-STEP BLUE to plan and control projects on the basis of processes and workflows and to manage requirements, change requests and test cases. For importing this data, the software offers interfaces with tools like MS Excel, MS Word and Atlassian JIRA. Exchange formats like ReqIF (requirements interchange format) are supported. Additionally, in-STEP BLUE offers the possibility to collect data via standardized forms. For working with forms, version 6.1 offers a new form designer with which the business-specific design and adaptation of the default forms have been optimized. As well as the form designer, the new version has a new web client and new time recording.

microTOOL GmbH was founded in 1984 in Berlin and since then has developed method-based tools for teams. in-STEP BLUE supports, on the one hand, methods and standards like V Model XT, PRINCE2, Scrum, HERMES, SPICE for Automotive, and on the other hand individual business processes like, for example, workflows to work with requirements, to release documents, for approval processes of projects or for planning test cases in development departments. In comparison to other project management tools, in-STEP BLUE is orientated toward all project participants, so both the project management office and the project manager and employees. Because the requirements of a project management software vary a lot depending on the branch, organization or department, microTOOL places a lot of importance of the adaptability of the software through the user.

Version 6.1 of in-STEP BLUE offers many innovations:

  • The form designers of in-STEP BLUE with which users could adapt existing forms and design custom ones is no longer a separate application, but has been fully integrated into the in-STEP BLUE application. The form designer appears in a new design and more features have been implemented: that way users can decide, for example, whether the display of the controls should be dynamic or fixed. In the old designer, the position of the controls had to be entered via x/y values so that they were positioned relative to each other. Each label now has a direct allocation to a control so that a label will automatically be created for a control when it is created. Individual labels and controls can now be orientated in different directions. A detailed list of innovations and differences are offered in the new handbook on the form designer which users can find in microTOOL’s download center.
  • The new web client has been expanded with the form technique so that project proposals, requirements, change requests, test cases, risks, tickets, etc, can be created and edited.
  • The time logging has been completely newly developed for the web client so that the times can be recorded in a new layout with improved features.
  • The installation process of in-STEP BLUE has been revised so that users can update in-STEP BLUE without uninstalling it, from version 6.2.
  • The local creation of offline projects with the free Oracle Version XE is supported from now on.
  • The 64 Bit version of MS Word is supported from now on.
  • To better protect the state change of an element, users can now set a separate password.

The new version is available right away in German and English. A changelog with all the changes to in-STEP BLUE is available now under

For those who are interested in trying out in-STEP BLUE, a free Personal Edition is available here:

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