in-STEP RED 1.2 Release

microTOOL presents in-STEP RED 1.2, the newest version of the tool for integrated project management and requirements engineering. in-STEP RED 1.2 offers new functions and many improvements making the management and controlling of your projects even easier. Among others, improved performance and simplified user guidance add to a pleasing user experience.


States can now be set in the context menu

Why does a project not perform as expected or even fail? In many cases, the reasons are unclear goals, a creeping extension of the scope, lack of quality with regard to requirements and missing traceability. in-STEP RED minimizes these risks.

Organizing a glossary and avoiding misunderstandings

What is a stakeholder and what does a specific norm or standard describe? A glossary helps to store project-related information in a consistent and uniform way, accessible for all project members at any time. A common terminology and understanding of all project aspects is a key factor in avoiding misunderstandings and facilitating effective project work. A glossary is the basis for this common terminology.

A glossary is the basis for a common terminology in projects.

A glossary is the basis for a common terminology in projects.

in-STEP BLUE Data Import

One of the many features of in-STEP RED 1.2 is an integrated import functionality for in-STEP BLUE data. This includes requirements as well as file and directory structures. Data is stored and accessible in in-STEP RED with the same structure as created and stored in in-STEP BLUE. This is of particular interest to everyone planning to switch from in-STEP BLUE to in-STEP RED. In addition, individual packages and artefacts created in in-STEP RED can be exported and then re-imported.

Improvements to Usability

Version 1.2 also offers expanded functionality for Copy/Paste and Drag/Drop user actions allowing for smoother and faster project work. For example, existing organizations can now be arranged as superordinate and subordinate organizations. The same is true for staff management, making it possible to move staff from one project to another at the click of a mouse. States for all artefacts can now be set via the context menu of the respective element.

Improvements to existing features

Apart from these new functions a number of existing features have been significantly improved, affecting mainly the general usability and user-defined settings which are now permanently stored. File and directory management functionality includes more options, e.g. inclusion of empty directories during upload and the option to skip selected documents.

in-STEP RED Version 1.2 is available now.

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