in-STEP RED now supports Use Case 2.0 and Excel Import

microTOOL GmbH from Berlin has released in-STEP RED 1.3. The new version of in-STEP RED, the tool for requirements-based product development contains numerous improvements, bugfixes and new features.

Use Case 2.0 by Ivar Jacobson

A new feature of in-STEP RED 1.3 is its support of the Use Case 2.0 concept by Ivar Jacobson.  There is a reason why use cases are popular: For many companies they are the ideal means for stakeholder communication. They represent the functional correlation of a system and provide an instant overview of system functionality. in-STEP RED is one of the first tools world-wide to support the Use Case 2.0 concept. The distinctive feature of this concept is its combination of established requirements engineering techniques and an agile approach to project work.

Excel File Import

Many companies use Microsoft Excel for projects. Even in cases where a company uses a different tool there are situations in which Excel files have to processed, e.g. long lists of requirements. in-STEP RED now allows for the quick and easy import of Excel files. Columns and values can be assigned corresponding properties and values in in-STEP RED with just a few clicks and are available instantly in the tool.