Introducing in-STEP RED 1.1.

microTOOL GmbH is proud to present in-STEP RED 1.1, the new and improved software tool for requirements-based project planning. It offers huge benefits for all users, from project managers and project members to requirements managers, business analysts and software architects. in-STEP RED combines requirements engineering and project management in a single tool. With its easy navigation and clear structure, quick elicitation and organization of requirements, visualization of interdependencies and integrated, requirements-based project planning is effortless and simple. Covering requirements with test cases and assigning requirements to systems reduces complexity and enhances transparency.

Requirements Engineering
in-STEP RED facilitates efficient handling of requirements. Requirements, change requests, user stories, epics and features are captured using the input mask. All relevant stakeholders along with their goals are displayed as well as systems, architectures and user scenarios. In addition, hierarchies can be mapped, lists managed and relationships visualized in diagrams. Versioning of requirements and the creation of configurations and reports are done at the push of a button. Naturally, all elements created in in-STEP RED can be migrated.

Integrated Project Management
Captured requirements are available immediately for all project planning activities. With in-STEP RED, projects can either be guided by activities or based on requirements. To make your project planning efforts even more effective, project patterns can be applied. Reports are not only used for resource management but also serve to visualize the project plan. This way, agile methods of software development as well as formal processes [process models] are supported.

Bernd Nawrot, Managing Director of microTOOL, is pleased with the strong demand for in-STEP RED: The number of renowned companies currently using in-STEP RED is impressive. It seems that in-STEP RED is exactly the tool that was missing. It is a common environment for shared, team-based development. And for the future we already have a lot of interesting and useful ideas.

The all-new in-STEP RED 1.1 is available on February 18. A free trial version will also be available. In addition, interested persons can register for a live demo or participate in one of the in-STEP RED roadshows.


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