microTOOL at the MESCONF – Modeling of Embedded Systems Conference 2015

For the first time Andreas Willert of Willert Software Tools, Alexander Huwaldt of Laser & Co. Solutions and Tim Weilkiens of oose as well as the publisher of the “Elektronik Praxis” magazine are holding a conference on modeling of embedded systems at the Infineon-Campus in Munich on the 6th of October 2015. microTOOL participates as exhibitor and presents objectiF RM, a tool for modeling, specifying and documenting requirements of embedded systems, at the MESCONF.

The exchange of ideas is based on a manifesto of Model Driven Development, which will be introduced and discussed there. It is supposed to sum up all the findings on how to develop faster and safer and how to fulfil all the functional and non-functional requirements in a model driven way. Talks by Henning Butz, Markus Völter and Baris Güldali offer further input for the Open Space sessions in the afternoon. The event will close with a Fishbowl discussion of the MDSE (Model Driven Systems Engineering) assumptions made on that day.

It is up to the participants to determine their fee for taking part including catering. Fees starting from 100 Euro are accepted. Representatives of public administration may contact the hosts of the event. Registration for the event is also possible via E-Mail at: info@microtool.de.

More information on the event is available at: http://mesconf.de/