microTOOL Hits the Books – College and University Initiative

microTOOL expands its cooperation with colleges and universities in German-speaking countries. Students in the fields of Computer Science, Information Systems and other related disciplines will be supported sustainably. The main goal is to put theoretical knowledge into practice and to implement it using a modern software application.

For a number of years, microTOOL has been committed to promoting practical knowledge transfer at colleges and universities, making the studies more related to practice, individual and flexible. The software in-Step RED offers an opportunity for students to gain relevant experiences and to become acquainted with processes and operations. in-Step RED is a tool providing a complete working environment for model-based requirements engineering and requirements-based project management. From analysis of project-specific content to management of requirements to activities, in-Step RED not only manages large amounts of data but also offers multiple ways to visualize this data. Students gain insight into the organization-wide operation of a project, with a central database, configurable multi-user operation and user profiles. Collectively the students plan and organize a project, monitor its progress and develop a product.

microTOOL offers in-Step RED to relevant departments free of charge, making the tool available to students who otherwise would not have the financial or technical capabilities to acquire such a tool. The purpose is to motivate colleges and universities to engage in long-lasting partnerships in order to create added value for the students while at the same time introducing microTOOL as a future employer. Currently microTOOL offers a combined study program in computer science and a number of internships. With a selected tool and individual support microTOOL strives to assist students and to share in-depth industry knowledge.