microTOOL releases in-STEP BLUE 5.1.3

Berlin-based microTOOL GmbH has released version 5.1.3 of its project management software in-STEP BLUE. The new version features, among other things, improved handling of filters and forms, resource management and document creation. Automated mail dispatch as well as the hierarchical management of test results and calculation of efforts for requirements realization has also been optimized.

in-STEP BLUE now supports evaluation of organizational units and projects that are based on the same template. This allows for creating views only showing V-Modell XT projects that are based on selected project types and project type variants.

In addition, users can now determine user-defined properties to be used for totals formation, making summation of efforts from multiple requirements from the context menu possible. In document creation, the sequence of chapters can now be configured to be based on the sequence used in packages. For automated mail dispatch in-STEP BLUE now checks whether multiple mails contain the same content and/or addressee and merges these e-mails into one e-mail.

in-STEP BLUE can now be configured to verify whether mandatory fields in forms have been completed. Specific conditions for mandatory fields can now also be set.

in-STEP BLUE 5.1.3 is available as of now. A free in-STEP BLUE Personal Edition is available at https://www.microtool.de/en/project-management-with-in-step-blue/free-trial/

A changelog containing all changes and new features is available at https://www.microtool.de/en/support/.

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