microTOOL releases in-STEP BLUE 5.1

microTOOL GmbH has released version 5.1 of its project management software in-STEP BLUE, offering improved performance, IPv6 support, cross-project management of products and their references, forwarding project properties, printing and saving schedules as PDF and offline work.

in-STEP BLUE’s new offline feature enables users to work on their in-STEP BLUE project on-site. A local copy of the project can be edited including all documents and forms an later synchronized with the original project.

Communication between in-STEP BLUE Server and in-STEP BLUE Client was revised and to improve its general performance. Data transfer rates are now significantly higher due to optimized package sizes for client-server connections.

In addition, performance in system-wide activity views has been reworked. Only modified lines instead of the entire view are now refreshed, making the process considerably faster.

in-STEP BLUE 5.1 is available as of now. Go to https://www.microtool.de/en/project-management-with-in-step-blue/free-trial/ for a free trial version. A changelog can be found at https://www.microtool.de/en/support/.


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