microTOOL releases in-STEP RED 2.0

Berlin-based software manufacturer microTOOL has just released Version 2.0 of in-STEP RED, featuring numerous improvements and new features. microTOOL now offers the tool as a subscription service or a one-off purchase, providing companies of all sizes the opportunity to get started with the tool.

Browser access to projects

in-STEP RED, the tool for project planning and requirements engineering now offers the possibility to access projects via a web client directly in the browser. The functionalities included in the web client were designed based on the traditional client, making the transition for users easy and simple. A new modeling wizard supports users in creating diagrams such as requirements diagrams or goal diagrams even more quickly.

Element objects in diagrams can now be arranged at the click of a mouse, making navigating in extensive diagrams with large numbers of elements easy. Further changes include a more intuitive approach to patterns, artefacts and documents as well as an improved overall performance. The Change Log includes all changes and is available for download.

Two options – consulting and support included

As a subscription service or as a one-off purchase, in-STEP RED always comes with microTOOL’s renowned consulting and support services. The functionality is identical, with multiple options for server size and number of floating licenses available. Individual support for installation and maintenance is also included. “We pride ourselves with our support services. Our support team is very dedicated and competent. Supporting our customers has always been of vital importance at microTOOL.” says Mirko Pracht, Head of Consulting at microTOOL. “This is not going to change any time soon. It is our goal that our customers make the most out of using our tools and are able to reach their goals.”


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