microTOOL remains IREB Silver Partner

microTOOL GmbH renews its partnership with the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) e.V. and remains IREB Silver Partner in 2016. IREB e.V. aims at improving the application of requirements engineering methods by providing standardized trainings as well as continuing education.

Software manufacturer microTOOL has been IREB Silver Partner since 2012. The company has also become a recognized training provider that has proven its requirements engineering competence repeatedly. CPRE Foundation Level trainings are held once a month. A pass rate of more than 90 percent exceeds numbers published by IREB for other training providers.

IREB training providers offer seminars that prepare participants for CPRE certifications exams conducted by independent examination boards. These seminars aimed at requirements engineers, software developers, software architects, test managers and IT managers. Covered topics include the elicitation, documentation, verification and synchronization of requirements.




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