microTOOL renews cooperation with eco-HERMES

microTOOL GmbH renews its membership in the Swiss eco-HERMES user group. The aim of  this independent association is to propagate the Swiss project management method HERMS nationally and internationally, to contribute to its advancement and to develop Best Practices. microTOOL has been a member since 2010 and offers tool support for HERMES by way of in-STEP BLUE. in-STEP BLUE is a project management software that offers, among others, project and document templates for standard-compliant HERMES 5.0 projects.


Issuer of HERMES is the Federal IT Steering Unit (FITSU), a department that ensures implementation of the ICT strategy of the Federal Council. For this purpose, it issues guidelines for the administrative units and centrally manages the standard services of information and communication technologies (ICT).

The eco-HERMES user group influences the open project management standard as a product owner and consults the FITSU as representative of users. Focus groups meet regularly and work on solutions for agile HERMES and HERMES REM (Requirements Engineering and Management). microTOOL offers solutions for both of these fields; an agile approach to HERMES is a perfect fit for the project management software in-STEP BLUE, for requirements engineering and management in-STEP RED is the perfect tool. Find more information on the eco-HERMES user group at http://www.eco-hermes.ch/


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