microTOOL supports disadvantaged children and youths with World Cup Football Pool

microTOOL GmbH takes the 2014 Football World Cup as an occasion to get involved with those who may not have many reasons to celebrate during this time of football celebration. The company organizes a football pool and donates a fixed amount of money for every participant to the project Berliner Kinderhilfe Schutzengel. This project provides help for disadvantaged children and youths in a variety of ways.


“Supporting academic talents has a long tradition at microTOOL,” says marketing manager Michael Schenkel, “which suggests itself when one considers that our employees are university graduates. But we also wanted to do something for children and youths in Berlin. Here, the contrast between rich and poor and the disadvantage of people of all ages is something you are confronted with every day – even more so during events like the World Cup.”

microTOOL decided to donate the gathered money to the project Berliner Kinderhilfe Schutzengel. “Of course there is urgent need for money in many places and in all kinds of social sectors. We as a Berlin-based company wanted to do something here, locally. The project Berliner Kinderhilfe Schutzengel is doing a fantastic job in helping young people in Berlin, and we are more than glad to help!”

The project aims to put an end to the spiral of poverty, violence and dilapidation by providing child care, language training, free meals and individual care. A decrease of child poverty and the advancement of children and youths with regard to material, social and cultural aspects is the main focus of the project. Close collaboration of parents, teachers and schools results in socio-educational aid in order to counter disadvantages resulting from their social, financial or cultural situations. The project helps to discover and foster talents of young people and to provide meaningful leisure activities as well as educational opportunities.

“We are very happy to provide a little bit of help for young people in Berlin”, says marketing manager Michael Schenkel, “but we are also looking forward to terrific matches and awesome goals!”


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