objectiF RM 3.0 by microTOOL is here

Software manufacturer microTOOL from Berlin has released objectiF RM 3.0, the new version of its tool for visual requirements engineering for software and systems. Innovations include numerous improvements of existing functions as well as new features.

Project access directly in the browser

Projects, including all project data such as diagrams, queries and documents can now be accessed online, directly in the browser via the new web client. The web client was designed based on the existing objectiF RM client. Users interested in switching to online access to their projects will find the web client very familiar.

Apart from new possibilities to access project data, the palette of options was expanded. For example, query configuration now offers additional refinements. Search terms and filters can now be combined with operators as well as with place holders and textual elements.

Working with diagrams

A modeling wizard now supports users in creating diagrams such as block diagrams, use case diagrams or requirements diagrams quickly and easily. In addition, all diagram elements can now be arranged at the click of a mouse. This function comes in handy when working in extensive diagrams with large numbers of elements such as requirements.

Changes in objectiF RM 3.0 also include a more intuitive approach to patterns, artefacts and documents and an improved overall performance.

Individual support

One vital aspect of microTOOL’s company profile is their renowned consulting and support services. Individual support and consulting for the installation, maintenance and operation of all tools is important to the company. “Our aim is to help user make the most of using our tools. Actually, it would be a pity for all those functions and features to go unnoticed.” says Michael Schenkel of microTOOL. “Top-notch support is a central element of our software.”

objectiF RM is available as a subscription service or a one-off purchase. An overview of all changes and new features in objectiF RM 3.0 is provided by the Change Log.


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