objectiF RM 3.1 Software for Requirements Engineering released

Berlin-based microTOOL GmbH has released Version 3.1 of its tool for requirements elicitation, analysis and modeling, objectiF RM. The tool offers comprehensive support for all requirements engineering disciplines, e.g. definition, specification, priorization, structuring, management, specification and documentation. It is available as a client-server application as well as a web-based tool. The new version includes various new functions as well as improvements to existing functionalities. An online test is available as of now.

New functions

One of the new features is the project guideline, a central place to note down central project aspects as well as information and helpful tips for all project contributors. External links and internal links to project elements can also be added. The new full-text search enables users to search forms and documents more efficiently. Import functionality has also been updated; goals and test cases from Excel sheets can now be imported, as can users from Active Directories.

Web Client

The Web Client now supports Google Chrome and Apple Safari. The user management can now be accessed via the web client. Users and project staff can be created on project as well as organizational level. The Use Case 2.0 concept has been fully implemented for the Web Client; use cases can be cut into individual slices (‘sliced’) and assigned to specific test cases. objectiF RM is available in German and English.

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objectiF RM 3.1 - Anforderungen erheben, spezifizieren und verwalten

objectiF RM 3.1

objectiF RM 3.1 - Ziele, Use Cases und Testfälle im Blick

objectiF RM 3.1

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