objectiF RPM 3.2 released

microTOOL GmbH, a Berlin-based business that has been manufacturing tools for software development, software modelling and project management since 1984, has released version 3.2 of objectiF RPM. objectiF RPM is a software for requirements engineering and agile development. Customers implement the tool in their software and system development, in their development management or for application lifecycle management. In objectiF RPM 3.2 there are new features like dashboards for organizations and projects, improved interaction with reviews or a direct connection from backlogs to activities.

objectiF RPM 3.2 now provides dashboards for organizations and projects. Dashboards present information clearly and are freely configurable. Dashboards in organizations can be used to get an overview of the employee workload in your projects. Dashboards in a project are very useful if management or the progress of different teams or sprints should be compared. The new version also contains a new English-language database template, including example projects and three project templates with which users can create agile projects. As a particular highlight, microTOOL also offers the software in the cloud as software as a service. All customers need is an account and rented hardware and software infrastructure at Amazon web services and an Amazon machine image that microTOOL makes available to rent. You can read the details here.

microTOOL offers a free online test to get to know objectiF RPM. The test is available with an English-language and a German-language example. Users can try example projects to get an overview of the possibilities. Testing with your own projects or with a team is also possible. Additionally, microTOOL offers free technical support. The test can be found here.

The new version is available now. For a changelog with all the information about new features and innovations in objectiF RPM 3.2, have a look at  https://www.microtool.de/en/support/.

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