Project controlling via app with in-STEP BLUE

Berlin-based microTOOL GmbH has released a new edition of in-STEP BLUE, software for process-based project management. The application has been on the market since 1997 and is used by companies to define, map, adhere to and document processes in teams. Because the software is mainly used for multi-project management, Gantt-chart type project plans have been given increased functionality. Version 6.5 of in-STEP BLUE also offers multi-project bar charts for better overviews, which can be customized with various colors, labels and progress indicators. In addition, usability of Gantt charts has been improved with further features.

The in-STEP BLUE WebApp offers individually configurable dashboards with key performance indicators (e.g. Earned Value Analyses, target/actual comparisons of costs and deadlines, pie charts displaying progress toward completion of requirements, and more.) The app can be used to edit documents and forms, upload files and plan projects and activities directly in Gantt charts. With version 6.5, the WebApp’s range of features has also expanded. For example, user-defined properties can now also be displayed with diagrams.

The automatic exchange of requirements in ReqIF format, which is widely used in automotive engineering, has been optimized. ReqIF views can now be generated including specification hierarchies in Word documents (e.g. requirement specifications). Customer requests and feedback have also been implemented for the import and export of ReqIF files, with the result that data mapping is now easier.

microTOOL creates software for integrated project and requirements management, modeling and hybrid/agile development. The project management software in-STEP BLUE can be used to support adherence to process models (such as V-Modell XT, PRINCE2, HERMES, and Automotive SPICE) or for individual processes and workflows. It offers features for managing (multi)projects, requirements, changes, configurations, documents, quality, risks, processes and tests. Companies from the automotive, medical technology and government sectors use the software to comply with regulations.

Version 6.5 of in-STEP BLUE is now available in German and English. All changes are recorded in the current change log:

in-STEP BLUE Personal Edition (without WebApp functionality) is free and available to download at:

Dashboard der WebApp von in-STEP BLUE

Individually configurable dashboards – just one feature of in-STEP Blue’s web app