Project management software in-STEP BLUE 6.2 out now

Berlin-based software vendor microTOOL released version 6.2 of its project management software in-STEP BLUE. Round about 40,000 users deploy in-STEP BLUE for process based planning and navigating their projects as well as for managing requirements, changes and test cases with version control. The software offers the exchange of such data with Microsoft Excel and Word, Atlassian Jira and the requirements interchange format ReqIF. Project proposals, requirements, test cases, change requests, risks and tickets can now also be created, edited and cross-referenced via the new web client.

Version 6.2 of in-STEP BLUE offers an improved Gantt-Chart, in which length, dependencies, start and end dates of activities can be edited directly. Even projects of a 10 year life cycle can be displayed like that. A day-line shows, how far you got in your project schedule. Time intervals can be minimized and maximized by mouse dragging – that way the user gets a quick overview of the length and sequence of activities. Addtionally, the new version supports Windows Server 2016 and new features of the form designer.

microTOOL GmbH was founded in 1984 in Berlin and has been developing software for IT project management, requirements engineering and agile-hybrid software development since then. in-STEP BLUE was launched in 1997. It supports process models like the German V-Modell XT, PRINCE2, Scrum, HERMES and SPICE for Automotiveon the one hand and on the other hand  individual work flows for dealing with requirements, releasing documents, approving or reviewing project results or for planning test cases in software development. in-STEP BLUE is used across all sectors. Primarily organizations which have to meet high level compliance requirements (e.g. the automotive and medical engineering industry, insurances and the public sector) utilize this tool.

Version 6.2 is now available in German and English. All changes can be found in the latest changelog at:

A free Personal Edition of in-STEP BLUE is available at:

in-STEP BLUE 6.2 Gantt-Chart

Fig. 1: The Gantt-Chart in in-STEP BLUE 6.2 offers project controlling even for long-term projects


in-STEP BLUE Web-App

Fig. 2: Monitoring project progress via web app in in-STEP BLUE