Project portfolio management with objectiF RPM 6.0

microTOOL has released version 6.0 of its software for integrated requirements engineering and project management, objectiF RPM. The new version contains features for project portfolio management and Lean portfolio management according to the Scaled Agile Framework®, or SAFe®. It is now possible to allocate projects, programs and portfolios to value streams. Value streams help companies implement their strategies and achieve their business goals by facilitating management of the value creation process from a higher perspective. New dashboard views, such as the roadmap and Earned Value Treemap, cross-project backlog views and Kanban boards for portfolios all serve this end. The new release expands the software’s functionality, making it a platform for multi-project management which can be used to realize agile, hybrid and classic projects from requirements to solution.

Project portfolio management aims to complete the right projects in order to achieve a larger corporate vision, not just to execute projects properly. In order to make good decisions here, it is first of all necessary that key figures are available. objectiF RPM provides a real-time, fully traceable overview of requirements, backlogs, development status, budgets, risks and tests. Templates for team and iteration planning, and for documents queries and processes make starting new projects and programs fast and easy. The software is also highly customizable and configurable, so that pre-established organizational procedures of all kinds can be efficiently supported. Interfaces with Jira, ReqIF, MS Word and Excel, and linking with REST API or custom extension functions make it possible to integrate the software with existing infrastructures.

Alongside project templates for agile and hybrid requirements-based projects, digitalization projects, and programs following SAFe®, the new release includes a specialized template for portfolio management which can be tried out with a free trial of objectiF RPM.

The free 30-day trial of objectiF RPM 6.0 with full functionality can be downloaded here:

Version 6.0 of objectiF RPM is now available in German and English. A changelog with all changes can be found here:

Figure 1: Portfolio Backlog and Portfolio Kanban Board in objectiF RPM 6.0

Figure 2: Different Value Streams of a Portfolio in objectiF RPM 6.0