Punktlandung. in-Step 4.11 is here.

Berlin-based software manufacturer microTOOL GmbH releases a new version of in-Step at the beginning of the year. in-Step is a tool for project management which enables companies to use defined processes for development and requirements management. in-Step 4.11 features improved project planning functionality and handling.

In many cases, navigating along organizational units made project work difficult in the past. Now, users can benefit from improved resource planning functionality and configuration options. For example, tasks can now be transferred between projects and project members via drag-and-drop from within the respective projects. Recursive project structures as well as detailed planning of activities for state changes can be created per mouse click. Administrators profit from asynchronous server operations and new functionalities for resource management: Multiple project members can now simultaneously be assigned to or deleted from projects.

Mirko Pracht, Principal Consultant at microTOOL GmbH: “We are continuously refining in-Step in order to support ambitious, process-based projects with our software – be it complex development processes, requirements and change management or management of risks and ideas. in-Step’s advantage is the combination of all these. How do you plan projects with requirements managed in separate systems? Not to mention active processes.”

in-Step 4.11 is available from 14th January 2014 in a number of editions to support different processes.


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