Release of the new version of the ALM software objectiF RPM

The Berlin firm microTOOl GmbH has released version 4.4 of objectiF RPM. The software for application life cycle management supports the entire life cycle of an application – from strategy analysis to solution evaluation. The most exciting new features are the patterns – the software offers a range of new patterns in its catalog. Custom patterns can also be configured. In the new version, it is also possible to create patterns for blocks, and the command “Use pattern” can be applied to queries and the topic bar. There is a range of new features for project management and controlling. For example, it is now possible to display the critical path in Gantt charts by default.

objectiF RPM’s patterns provide solutions for concrete, recurring problems in agile, hybrid or classical project planning. The pattern “Add team to release” is just one example of a pattern from the catalog which contains a description of the purpose, application and configuration. The application of this pattern creates a team activity and the first sprint. Evaluations and queries, like the earned value analysis, are created at the same time and a new topic is created in the topic bar for quick access. All this happens just by selecting the pattern by right-clicking on the release activity. These patterns save time, maintain a consistent standard and increase the quality of the results.

Gantt charts in objectiF RPM visualize coordinated activities. They facilitate planning the chronological order of activities, dependencies and possible changes. Baselines allow you to restore older versions of Gantt charts and compare them to the current state. The software also has color-coding, labels for the bars and diagrams can be sent via e-mail. There is a new option to display the critical path. The critical path is a row of deadlines and processes that determine the duration of the project. It helps ensure the project is completed on time. If the project is running behind schedule, then the exceeded path will be highlighted in objectiF RPM when this option is selected.

objectiF RPM offers model-based requirements engineering and management, system design, agile and classical project management and test management in one solution. The software covers methods like requirements engineering as per the IREB standards and business analysis as per BABOK. The software is scalable, integrative, adaptable, customizable and can be used on premises or in the cloud. Since version 4.3, the software has also contained a digital transformation framework.

A free ninety-day trial of objectiF RPM with the entire functional scope can be downloaded here:

Version 4.4 of objectiF RPM is available now in German and English. A changelog detailing the new features and changes can be found here:

pattern in objectiF RPM

Figure 1: Pattern in objectiF RPM


configure and apply a pattern

Figure 2: Configure and apply a pattern