Released: New version of the tool for professional Requirements Engineering

Berlin-based microTOOL GmbH has released version 1.2 of its objectiF Requirements Modeller. The software supports requirements engineers with the development and documentation of requirements in systems and software development. Version 1.2 provides new and improved functionality, e.g. for versioning of UML/SysML diagrams as well as for exchange of results between locations in shared projects. An included sample project helps new users to acquaint themselves the numerous possibilities and functionalities the tool provides for requirements engineering processes – from stakeholder analysis to requirements definition to systems specifications including diagrams, requirements templates, document templates and evaluations. A free download is available.

Release 1.2 expands functionality for versioning of test-oriented results in requirements engineering, e.g. stakeholders, goals, scenarios and requirements, to include diagrams. Among others, system context diagrams, goal diagrams, use case diagrams, requirements diagrams, block diagrams as well as UML/SysML class and package diagrams are now versionable.

The tool is a client/server application which operates on basis of a database. This makes it an ideal choice for large and shared projects. Exchange of product results between independent locations with autonomous project databases is supported in release 1.2 with its new export/import functionality. This way, locally acquired results can be merged while maintaining consistency.

In addition, performance and usability have been improved. Creating systems and navigation as well as generating Word documents from document templates, e.g. requirements specifications is now significantly faster. A number of optimizations make the objectiF Requirements Modeller easier to use. These optimizations include new functionality that makes navigating through extensive results noticeably more comfortable.


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