Requirements management and traceability up to code level with objectiF RPM 5.0

Release 5.0 of the objectiF RPM application lifecycle management software brings innovations for complete traceability, deployment and model-driven software development. Operations have been added to the block diagrams so that code can be referenced from blocks. Starting from the blocks, microservices can then be packed in the form of container images that are suitable for continuous deployment in a cloud. This script-based extension can also be used to configure your own APIs or implement your own tool functions. Interfaces for individual needs or individual technology stacks can be constructed via request and response schema.

The new version of the software also offers additional features for planning and controlling projects. Via User Story Board or Kanban Board, employees can plan their tasks agilely and visualize processing states. The cost management becomes more transparent, because now also hourly rates, budgets, cost types and additional costs can be defined and evaluated. Existing functionalities for project controlling, such as earned value analysis, dashboards with KPI and calculation of the critical path, have been further improved.

The software is highly customizable and scalable. For example, users can define new artifact types in the metamodel using an extension function and create forms to meet their needs with just a few mouse clicks. The states of artifacts can trigger a certain behavior or workflow in order to adhere to defined processes. Since all artifacts and their relationships are stored and versioned, all changes can be tracked throughout.

objectiF RPM is an application lifecycle management software. The entire lifecycle of a development can be supported and mapped with it. The sub-disciplines strategy analysis, requirements engineering, modeling and management, project management, system architecture as well as solution development up to testing are thus integrated and practicable. The groupware is available both on-premise and in the cloud and is methodically based on the international standards of IREB® and IIBA®.

A free 30-day trial of objectiF RPM 5.0 can be downloaded here:

Version 5.0 of objectiF RPM is now available in German and English. A changelog with all changes is available here:

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