objectiF RPM. Details on usage in the Amazon Cloud.

This is how objectiF RPM with Amazon Web Services works in the cloud.

You can also use objectiF RPM as software as a service. All you need is an Amazon Web Service account, an Amazon Machine Image configured by microTOOL from which an Elastic Compute Cloude (EC2) is created, and a monthly objectiF RPM licensing. With EC2 every objectiF RPM client receives their own virtual Private Cloud (VPC), in other words: your hardware and your systems are physically isolated from other clients’ hardware and systems. The Amazon Machine Image is located in Frankfurt am Main, it could however be made available in other locations.

EC2 contains a Windows Server with an MS SQL Server Express or an MS SQL Standard Server. The MS SQL Express Server is limited to 1 GB RAM and 10 GB data volume – we recommend the MS SQL Standard Server for those who require more data volume. We recommend m4.large as your EC2 set-up with 2 CPUs. Amazon Web Services allows you to scale the Elastic Compute Cloud, so you can adapt the package to your needs in the short term (e.g. to m4.xlarge).

You can begin working immediately with an Amazon Machine Image by microTOOL. The image is pre-configured and includes the objectiF RPM server licensing as well as that of objectiF RPM clients, objectiF RPM web services and that of the objectiF RPM web clients. In addition, the MS Internet Information services is configured for the use of the objectiF RPM web services, temporary licenses as well as local certificates are provided, and mechanisms for updating logins, URLs and configurations for changing the Virtual Private Cloud are in place.