The benefits of PRINCE2

Planning projects uniformly. Clearly defined structures and responsibilities. Step by step.

If you are looking for project management software with which you can use the benefits of PRINCE2 with your team, then in-STEP BLUE PRINCE2 is the right product for you. in-STEP BLUE is the only software licensed by AXELOS Limited for the correct use of PRINCE2.

A method for any project

PRINCE2 is perfect for all kinds of projects. The project must be aligned with the business requirements and the business case. In-STEP BLUE offers you support during this process by continually monitoring your progress with status updates, messages and statistics. PRINCE2 is product oriented – that means the development of products and their results are the focus of the project. in-STEP BLUE makes your work easier with the use of numerous templates to help you create a range of products, documents and automatically well maintained cover pages. It also has a sophisticated versioning feature and a comprehensive rights-and-roles management system. PRINCE2 makes project management child’s play.

Customization made easy

PRINCE2 generally should be customized to the project situation at hand. Do you want to operate with a “skinny” version of PRINCE2 for smaller projects instead of with the entire comprehensive package as used with larger projects? You want to summarize your individual processes into one process? Or maybe you would like to work with PRINCE2 for planning and controlling purposes to make the execution as flexible as possible. This is no problem at all with in-STEP BLUE.

in-STEP BLUE can easily be adjusted by your team. You can create countless forms of communication with the software including: updates, perspectives, templates, forms, workflows, status reports, messages, roles, rights, permission settings, activities and products. The best thing is you don’t have to adjust in-STEP BLUE, you can start straight away if you like. Fast and with just a few clicks. in-STEP BLUE comes with the full power of PRINCE2. And if you would like to customize PRINCE2, then go right ahead.

Being in a team with software

Your staff members don’t all have to become PRINCE2 experts just because you want to work in a structured way in your organization. Support your team with a tool that helps them plan projects, articulate requirements, deal with risks, keep track of changes, work through issues or publish the results of phases. Every team member has their own roles and their individual rights. The entire team captured with in one software package.

Inform team members automatically about new work packages. Log working hours in your browser. Identify resource scarcity early on by keeping your employees in the know. The entire project and the entire organization benefit when your individual team members’ work is made easier.