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19 Tips for Successful Projects

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own”, Bruce Lee once said. But what is useful and what isn’t? What should you do if your product development slows down, if your modernization efforts blow out, or if structuring technical and organizational developments proves to be more difficult than expected?

As a consultant, I believe in the importance of learning processes for company success. Fruitful cooperation of people, the organization and IT are vital aspects of success. Find below my 19 tips for successful projects:

19 tips for successful projects

19 tips for successful projects

Do you have more tips? I would be happy if you add to this list. If you are interested in consulting services feel free to check out

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Leonhard Limburg

As Managing Director of QUI GmbH, Leonhard Limburg supports executive managers, employees and teams in their specific field of work. Developing concepts and realizing products and processes in collaboration with clients and partners is an important part of his work. "We cannot change people but conditions!"

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