Bayer Technology Services GmbH

Innovative Strength is our Hallmark

Bayer Technology Services GmbH offers integrated solutions spanning the complete life cycle of chemical/pharmaceutical facilities, from planning to set-up to process optimization of existent plants. A subsidiary of Bayer, it currently employs around 2,700 experts at its head office in Leverkusen as well as at other locations in Germany, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, Russia, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, India, People’s Republic of China and Singapore. In 2012, it generated around 420 million Euros in sales.
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Bayer Technology Services relies on case/4/0

Bayer Technology Services uses case/4/0 since 2000. Database models are modeled with the CASE tool and then generated. Because ORACLE databases are used frequently in this process, a database generator for ORACLE databases was designed and developed, compiling a complete pattern automatically. This solution was later licensed by microTOOL and integrated into case/4/0.

PEDW (Process and Engineering Data Warehouse)

PEDW is a proprietary development. It is an information system which supports process development and treatment. Technical as well as simulation data are managed in a database. A VB application is used as frontend. Goal of the software is to serve as a data hub in connection with other software packages. In addition, technical tools are supported. This cross-linking of software packages offers a variety of benefits because all project members possess the same level of information. Also, case/4/0 is used to create, document and maintain the data model.

Substance database

case/4/0 was used to create a substance database. This database is an information system in which physical and chemical data on pure substances and compounds are archived.

User database

This database is a small application that facilitates the management of software users. Products, trainings, installed software, projects, databases and persons involved are gathered. Also, accounts can be drawn up. case/4/0 was used to design and create the data model.