DATEV eG is the preferred software house and IT provider for tax accountants, auditors, advocates, as well as their clients. In addition, companies, town councils, associations, and institutions are among DATEV’s customers. DATEV’s range of activities includes accounting, human resources, business consulting, taxes, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), IT security, and organization and planning. Founded in 1996, DATEV is one of the largest information service providers and software houses in Europe. It ranks number four on the renowed Lünendonk list.The cooperative has 40,000 members as well as 6,100 employees. Training, consulting, and information events are regularly held nation-wide in one of DATEV’s 25 branches.

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case/4/0 in use at DATEV

For more than 25 years, case/4/0 has been part of the product development process at DATEV. At the moment, it is mainly used for product development in human resources where it plays an integral role in the development workflow. The centerpiece of this workflow is a case/4/0 system with a COBOL module inventory, embedded in a perfected process for check-in, check-out, and versioning.