FEV is an independent, internationally leading engineering service provider for development of engines. Core areas are the construction and development of combustion engines as well as alternative engines, including their integration into vehicles. This also includes the development and application of hybrid systems, electrical engines, gears, electronic components/systems, hardware and software for electronic control, and chassis development and calibration. Based on extensive experience in targeted and economically efficient operation of testing facilities, FEV offers a wide spectrum of products and services for measuring and testing systems covering all applications from advance development to serial development to end-of-line test benches.

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Project Management with in-STEP BLUE

Since 2007, FEV uses in-STEP BLUE as a tool for project management. in-STEP BLUE was implemented to organize and support the introduction of CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration). At FEV, in-STEP BLUE is used by more than 100 users on a regular basis, in particular by departments for software and hardware development, where it is used mainly for requirements and configuration management.