Hoppe Dialog GmbH

The team at Hoppe Dialog GmbH has been working in software development for more than twenty years to bring IT systems into well-documented, understandable and clearly described states and thus reduce their complexity.
Lifecycle management, model-driven development, pattern, refactoring and code quality make up our daily work.

Testing is a matter of course, and it’s automated whenever possible.

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Requirements and Project Management with objectiF RPM at Hoppe Dialog GmbH

Our employees are used to working on projects where validation is required. For that reason, we’ve been documenting and versioning for a long time. Our favorite models to use are those that can be understood even by people outside our discipline. Generated documents contain artifacts for which we use established procedures such as UML, SysML and E/R modelling.

These are all reasons why we use microTOOL objectiF RPM. No other provider was able to offer us such good integration and consistency between graphical models and text-based artifacts as microTOOL with objectiF RPM.

We use objectiF RPM for requirements and project management as well as for the documentation of entire projects.

We place particular emphasis on the use of diagrams as they facilitate knowledge transfer within the team and to the customer.

We use objectiF RPM to create requirements derived from our customers’ wishes.

We plan the workload for completion of projects and arrange the tasks which arise in versions, releases and sprints.

We create test cases and scenarios and document test runs in objectif RPM.

We maintain glossaries for communication with our customers and use objectiF RPM’s interface for data exchange with Jira.

Last but not least, analysis of the underlying database makes it possible for us to easily invoice the work done.