MSC Vertriebs GmbH

MSC is an internationally active company in the fields of distribution, logistics, programming, and development. Support-intensive products have made MSC a leading enterprise for high-tech distribution. Proximity to manufacturers and daily handling of state-of-the-art technology guarantee a high level of know-how and technical expertise.

MSC has 16 branches in Germany and 33 branches throughout Europe. It focuses on IT, automotive, engineering, telecommunication, EMS, industry electronics, automation, as well as medical, measuring, control, aviation, aerospace, environmental, and building technology. MSC is the official franchise partner of around 60 renowned component manufacturers in Asia, America, and Europe.

In addition, MSC is active in the following areas:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Semiconductors
  • Displays
  • IT/PC
  • Embedded Computing

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In development, the entire project management is handled by in-STEP BLUE. The first in-STEP BLUE version in use at MSC was version 3.7, which was mainly used for requirements management and task planning. Meanwhile, our use of in-STEP BLUE has led to our own phase model based on the in-STEP BLUE CoreProcess. Increasing internationalization and development activities called for the conversion of the system into English. At the same time, state machines were unified and a number of processes automated. in-STEP BLUE is continually being adapted to our operating principles, which illustrates one thing: Processes lead to changes in tools, and tools lead to changes in processes.