ND SatCom GmbH

ND SatCom is a leading provider of satellite-based broadband VSAT systems, network solutions for television and radio transmission, government and military communication, and ground stations. Its innovative technologies are used by government departments, the military, as well as in the field of television and radio transmission, telecommunications, and by companies. More than
30 years of experience in the sector are testament of
ND Satcom’s expertise.

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Project Management with in-STEP BLUE at ND SatCom

At ND SatCom, in-STEP BLUE is used as a platform for document generation and management of a large-scale, V-Modell XT compliant project for the Deutsche Bundeswehr with approximately 150 project participants. In addition, in-STEP BLUE has proven to be a valuable change management tool, making the numerous technical adjustments and changes in complex overall systems within satellite communications facilities easily manageable.

At ND SatCom, in-STEP BLUE is used for

  • Version Management
  • Change Management
  • Archiving
  • V-Modell XT-compliant Project Execution