SHD Holding GmbH

Founded in 1983 by Manfred Sattler, SHD Holding GmbH focuses on the development and commercialization of software and organization solutions for the furniture industry. In 2010, the 350 employees of the SHD group generated sales of 34,3 million Euros. In the German-speaking market, SHD’s solutions are used by approximately 75,000 users. SHD develops ERP systems for retail, planning systems for the configuration of kitchen areas as well as bathrooms and living rooms, interbranch solutions for warehouse organization and financial and personnel management software. In recent years, hardware as well as service sectors like consulting, business analysis, organization, training and phone services have gained importance at SHD.

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Project Controlling with in-STEP BLUE

At SHD, 30 employees handle around 1,200 requirements in 80 active projects. At the same time, around 60 employees access documents managed by in-STEP BLUE. In addition, activities and tasks are imported from in-STEP BLUE for use on the SHD portal.

in-STEP BLUE is used for:

  • requirements management for the ERP systems MHS and Ecoro
  • project management via a customized CoreEdition template
  • process chains filed in in-STEP BLUE for use in client projects
  • project management for internal projects
  • connecting the SHD communications platform

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Die SHD Holding GmbH über in-STEP BLUE

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