Stadt Zürich Sozialdepartement

People from all over Switzerland as well as from 160 different nations live in Zurich. Those in difficult personal, economic or social circumstances have a large number of support and assistance services at their disposal allowing them to improve their situation. The Sozialdepartement strives to act in accordance with social mottos Justice, Equality and Quality of Life. Our main goal is the sustainable integration of all parts of the population. In order to achieve this, the Sozialdepartement works in cooperation with around 230 social funding bodies, making the provision of required social services possible.

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How in-STEP BLUE is used at the Sozialdepartement

The Sozialdepartement uses in-STEP BLUE since 2009. in-STEP BLUE provides valuable support for IT project management as well as requirements management including gathering, structuring and realization.
in-STEP BLUE facilitates the work of all users according to their respective roles within the projects.