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SurgicEye GmbH

SurgicEye delivers tumor imaging and navigation solutions, as well as tools and services to provide high quality, customized and affordable patient treatment. In its short history SurgicEye has shown growth and excellence in business, application, and product development for improvements in cancer surgery.

SurgicEye was founded in 2008 as a spin-off from an interdisciplinary engineering and medical team at Technische Universität München (TUM). SurgicEye established a team with experience in medicine, medical imaging, and navigation science, as well as a strong leadership with interdisciplinary and international background in engineering, service, and applications. With declipse®SPECT, SurgicEye released its first product for navigated radio-guided surgery based on the handheld 3-D freehand SPECT imaging technology. In 2009 the company got ISO 13485 certified and the product declipse®SPECT got the CE label. Also an internationally renowned advisory board was installed to reach beyond product development with a network of interventional imaging and navigation.

SurgicEye products are currently available in several countries worldwide including Europe, USA, Latin America, GCC and Asia Pacific. SurgicEye is involved as engineering partner in several innovative projects for medical quality assurance, enhancing intra-operative imaging and navigation by providing system and solutions as an underlying platform for multiple medical applications as custom & OEM development. By integrating images for optimal guidance into the surgical workflow, SurgicEye increases the efficiency of surgical procedures.

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“in-STEP BLUE is the ideal platform to map our established project management processes in one single tool. Even complex procedures such as risk analysis of our medical products were implemented absolutely reliably. We use in-STEP BLUE over the entire product life cycle, from requirements analysis to product documentation and were subsequently able optimize the maintenance effort of our product files significantly. Thanks to in-STEP BLUE our audits are now completely hassle-free and more efficient, in particular because of the full traceability and control in-STEP BLUE offers even for individual processes. The auditors were impressed, too.”