zapf umzüge AG

One thing remains the same for all locations and service areas: We are service providers for moves, storaging and real estate issues. We offer professionalism, price-perormance fairness and flexibility. Established staff as well as sound training and education in eight different training areas guarantee quality, performance and customer satisfaction. We stand for security and competence, regionally, nationally and internationally. We face all challenges and will continue to find solutions for our customers, and we aim at nothing less than excitement. In addition to moves across any distance, extra loads as well as full service including packing cases, assembly, wrapping, renovation and removal we also lease and manage reantable areas for storage, logistics and production.

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Development projects with in-STEP BLUE at zapf umzüge

in-STEP BLUE enables zapf umzüge to manage, process, document and realize a variety of different development projects. The ability to support different business processes and to customize them to our needs is one of its major strengths.